Renovated in 2010 with a new name, the Alusteel Coating Srl has been a leader- for over thirty years- in COIL COATING, one of the most advanced systems for the continuous coating of steel and aluminium coils in liquid form.
The headquarters is in Somaglia (Lodi), a strategic logistic location due to its proximity to all major highways connecting Italy and Northern Europe. It covers an area of about 30.000 square metres. Currently Alusteel Coating employs 49 people.

The main objective for Alusteel Coating Srl is attention to customer satisfaction, which is, of course inseparable from the concept of quality of the product/service offered: the highly-specialized staff, who have created an excellent working team over the years, and the effective administrative system of our own company, are a guarantee of a service at the highest level.

To be more competitive on the Italian market, which generates 90% of sales, our business strategy focuses on the role of a third-party company who can collect the raw materials from the customers and return the semi-finished prepainted sections with a fast turnaround time.

Alusteel Coating Srl company policy focuses on rapid painting and delivery times and on the ability to deliver highly-customized and diverse manufacturing and finishes according to each request. In essence a metal coatings "atelier" which, in addition to its capacity to treat large lots, also offers a bespoke service which can quickly customize the products with regard to colours, special coatings and optimal chemical resistance performance to specific environments (e.g. mushroom rooms) and compatibility with other components of the end-user's finished product (e.g. polyurethane foams, glues or profiling oils).
Alusteel Coating Srl is also characterized by our ready willingness to accommodate embossing and custom cuts, from transversal and longitudinal cuts to the reduction of coils.